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Rope Halter Knot

To tie your rope halter follow these instructions (Photos demonstrated with halter hook-same instructions apply without the hook)

1) pull tail of halter through the eye of the halter from closest to the horses body, outward toward you and down towards the ground...

2) take the tail of the halter towards your horses tail, turn the tail back towards your horses body and taking it behind the halter hook (staying close to your horses body) take the tail towards  your horses eye...

3) point the tail of the halter towards your horses tail and pass the tail between the halter hook  and the original part of your knot...

4) Pull the knot tight. Be sure to check the knot and tighten if slipping occours. Your rope halter should fit snug to prevent rubbing, your horse getting a hoof stuck and so you can quickly identify if the knot  is slipping.