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Meet the Horses


BIRTHDATE: May 21, 2003
GENDER- Gelding
OWNER- Stacy Westfall
BREED-American Quarter Horse
BLOODLINES- Doc Bar, Mr San Peppy, Doc Tari are all on his papers

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS- Winning partner of Stacy Westfall at the 2006 Road to the Horse.

COLOR/MARKINGS- Sorrel with a star, strip and snip. Branded on left hip with ‘C’.

HEIGHT-around 15 hands…he needs to be measured
WEIGHT-could stand to lose a few pounds…
FEED- straight hay, hold the grain

JOBS-teaching young stallions that HE is the boss, not them. Carrying Stacy around bareback. Ponying young horses, stubborn horses or hurt horses (during rehab.).

LENTH OF TIME WITH STACY-bought from Jeff Cornelius February 2006

TALENTS, QUIRKS- Trained to bow for mounting bareback and with the saddle.

Likes to run fast. Is the boss of any pasture (so far) but is pretty fair with the other horses.

Popcorn is full of quirks. For example when Popcorn is in his stall he seems to get bored easily. We bed with straw and if he is particularly bored he will pick up large mouthfuls of straw and stuff his two water buckets full. I mean FULL! He even packs it down. Then he fills his corner feeder with it too. Which is very strange because until we moved to hay racks he always took his hay OUT of the feeder, fluffed it, and stacked it in the other corner (then packed it full of straw…). That is just one of his quirks.



BIRTHDATE: March 15, 2001


OWNER: Greg Gessner

BREED: American Quarter Horse

BLOODLINES: Whizard Jac, Topsail Whiz, Hollywood Jac 86, Hollywood Smoke (on her papers)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS-highest National Reining Horse Association foal by Whizard Jac. Roxy is the partner of Stacy Westfall and only horse to ever be shown bareback and bridleless making history with a score of 239.

COLOR/MARKINGS-Black. Star. Left hind pastern white. (Two swirls on her forehead-side by side). No other markings.

HEIGHT-Stacy still needs to buy a stick…

WEIGHT-has gained sympathy weight during her pregnancies although she is not carrying the foals…

FEED/HAY- (can inhale it in one deep breath), allowed to smell the grain during feeding

JOBS-Mother, retired partner of Stacy, teaching Greg reining (messing with him sometimes) Donating foals and making other mares raise them.

LENGTH OF TIME WITH STACY-Met her within days of being born, sent to her for training at end of yearling year. Has been in training with Stacy Westfall from then on-2002 until semi-retirement 2008.

TALENTS, QUIRKS- trained to ride bareback and bridleless at high level. Will be released as a Breyer Model 2009.  Ridden by Ellen on national television. Loves peppermints (dumped a whole bucket full on Ellen’s floor). Trained to Bow and to rear on command from the ground. Doesn’t like dewormer.


NAME: CAN CAN LENA a.k.a. Hailey
BIRTHDATE: April 16, 1998
OWNER- Jim & Kathleen Fanello
BREED-American Quarter Horse

BLOODLINES- Paddys Irish Whiskey, Peppy San Badger, Doc O Lena, Doc Bar (and a thoroughbred too!)

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS- Won 2003 National Reining Horse Association Freestyle class at the futurity

COLOR/MARKINGS- Brown. Star. Left fore coronet partial white, right fore coronet white, left hind pastern white. Branded on left hip.

HEIGHT-around 14.1
WEIGHT-has had multiple foals and won’t tell anyone
FEED- nice hay, low carb grain, light pasture
JOBS-raising foals, retired, enjoying life

LENTH OF TIME WITH STACY-Jesse picked her out in 2001 from a cutting barn and thought she would make a good reiner. She remained with the Westfall’s until retiring in 2005.

TALENTS, QUIRKS- one day Stacy was playing with Hailey’s lips (making her talk like Mr. Ed) and discovered a tattoo on her upper lip. It is not on her papers but it was found out later that where she was raised they branded them just to identify them from each other in the pasture!


BIRTHDATE: March 26, 2002
OWNER- Stacy Westfall
BREED-American Quarter Horse
BLOODLINES- Same as Roxy-she is Roxy’s younger sister.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS- Finished reiner but career was cut short by injury. Appeared as Roxy’s sidekick in the video of Stacy riding Roxy bareback and bridleless with another horse (Maggie) following

COLOR/MARKINGS- Dun. Star and strip. Left fore coronet white. Left hind pastern white. Right hind sock. Dark spots on left for and hind legs.

HEIGHT-a little taller than Roxy
WEIGHT-currently pregnant and won’t tell-but is expanding daily
FEED- Hay & grain
JOBS-full time Mom

LENTH OF TIME WITH STACY-met Stacy within days of birth, sent for training as a yearling, bought by Stacy in April 2002

TALENTS, QUIRKS- Was made into a 'Stone Horse' in 2007. Trained to pony beside a horse without halter or rope, trained to bow on two knees, as a two year old reminded Stacy that it is good to take your time with groundwork by bucking her off. Stacy has always remembered that lesson.


Dun With Juice a.k.a. Newt

Reg. Name- Dun With Juice

Barn Name- Newt



Dam- Whizards Maggie Mae

Gender- Stud Colt




Interesting Facts:

*Newt's namesake is actually a character out of the Larry McMurtry novel Lonesome Dove.