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Stacy Westfall Clinics

-Due to our recent move from Ohio to Texas our clinic schedule has not been updated. Please check events page for updates-

For those who are interested in furthering their knowledge with one of the country’s leading clinicians this is your opportunity. Stacy will be offering a limited number of clinics this year and because of her small class sizes (four to six people per clinic) you can expect more one-on-one time with Stacy than with other leading clinicians in their clinics. Fewer than twenty people will ride with Stacy this entire year. Other top clinicians often have more than twenty riders in EVERY clinic. The small number of participants guarantees you’ll get personal attention. 

All of Stacy’s clinics are tailored to each individual. Because of the small class sizes, riders can be at various levels. This can actually improve the class results as many stages of horse training can be studied in the group.

You should be comfortable at a walk, trot, and lope although exceptions can be made if you complete a one-on-one interview with Stacy prior to acceptance into a clinic. We have had classes that included people who were not comfortable loping riding side-by-side with people who have placed at the Quarter Horse Congress, and all were happy.
Each person will be expected to fill out a goal form before the clinic. Each person will also meet with Stacy at the end of the day the first three days to go over what they experienced and learned that day. Students will be expected to take notes during the day to review. The final day will include a completion ceremony at which each person will be honored with a certificate.
General Clinics are recommended for first-time attendees. These three-and-a-half-day clinics are limited to six riders. During these clinics the foundation for Stacy’s horse training techniques will be explained. During demonstrations and riding time you and your horse will learn the groundwork as well as riding methods that have made Stacy so successful with her horses. We strongly recommend that you watch AND try all of the methods on Stacy’s Basic Groundwork and Basic Body Control DVDs prior to your clinic. Stacy can then review your work on the very first day and take you further during the clinic.
A stall for your horse as well as straw bedding is included in the price. If you wish to use different bedding you may bring your own. We recommend the local bed and breakfast, The Rose Heart Inn, to stay, as they have a Westfall Horsemanship discount’ as well as hot tubs/Jacuzzi’s in each room so you can sooth those tired muscles after a long day of riding! 
“Stayed at the Rose Heart Inn - Fabulous bed and breakfast, the furnishings are comfortable and exquisite, the bed absolutely comfortable, the rooms are all very spacious, each bathroom has a juccuzi tub which is a wonderful addition. The owners would leave homemade snacks in the room each day, had fruits and drinks available at all times. Beautiful place, very nice owners. I definitely recommend it to anyone going to Mt Gilead”.

Stacy offers her Let’s Get Personal Clinic only once a year and limits class size to only five clinic attendees. This clinic is recommended for those who have a strong desire to invest the effort it takes to become a true horse person. To qualify to participate in this clinic you must already have participated in a Stacy Westfall Clinic or have successfully learned and applied the methods taught on Stacy’s Basic Groundwork AND Basic Body Control DVDs. (You will be required to send in a video of your work at home for Stacy to evaluate.)  

During this clinic Stacy will not only coach you on your horse, she will also allow you to ride one of hers! This opportunity is offered to allow each rider to experience the results they are looking for. For example, if one of your goals for the clinic is to train or improve your horse’s spin, you will be allowed to ride a trained horse and experience this maneuver as well as exercises to improve it. If getting your horse to move off your leg is an issue you will have the opportunity to learn the ”feel” on a horse who already understands how to move off your leg. You will experience what the maneuver SHOULD feel like, making it easier to achieve this on your horse. 
As for the even MORE personal, on Wednesday night riders will be invited to attend a personal barbeque with the Westfall family and employees. Stacy will even make her famous brownies for everyone! And one last thing . . . weather permitting, those who wish can stick around and go for a trail ride with Stacy on Friday (provided your horse is a safe mount for this). As a parting memory a disk of photos from the clinic will be mailed to you.
Alumni Clinics are limited to past clinic attendees only. These clinics are opportunities for past attendees to come and ride with Stacy and are targeted to very specific goals. To begin, each participant will send in a pre-clinic video for Stacy to review. Then, by phone, Stacy will discuss your progress from last attending and the specific area that you are currently working on. During the clinic you will have a scheduled one-on-one lesson with Stacy in addition to ample open riding time with her. After returning home you will again have the opportunity to send in a video for review as well as schedule a phone conversation. It is the responsibility of the clinic attendee to mail in their video and schedule the phone conversation with Stacy. This can be done by contacting the office at 419-946-4848.
FAQ about attending a Stacy Westfall clinic
What does a clinic cost?
The cost varies by clinic ranging from $250 per day and up. Please look up each clinic to see the specific price. Stacy always recommends watching her DVD’s and using the techniques on your horse before attending a clinic. This will allow you to ask specific questions beginning on day one and will allow you to accelerate your learning during the clinic. (Please note that watching Basic Groundwork and Basic Body Control are required for the Let’s Get Personal’” clinic.)
Who attends?
People who are interested in learning more in a small group setting with personal attention from Stacy Westfall. Individual and groups both attend. The majority of attendees are women but men do also attend. Some people look at it as a great get away/learning adventure with their horse and sometimes with their friends.
What will you cover during the clinic?
1) All clinics will have a foundation in groundwork. It is Stacy’s belief that you must first become not only safe with your horse on the ground but that the following three things must be achieved
  A) you learn to read your horses body language
  B) your horse learns to read your body language
  C) your horse learns emotional control.
These three things will be tested by Stacy asking you to perform specific patterns from the ground.
2) All clinics will test your communication with your horse from the saddle. Stacy will explain, demonstrate and coach you through achieving forward motion, improving your stop and back, understanding the difference between bending and counter-bending, deciding when to use voice cues and when not to, etc. Everyone will be coached through patterns that they can use once they go home to measure their progress.
3) Individual questions and issues will be addressed. Every horse-and-rider combination has similar, yet unique needs. Due to the small class sizes Stacy is able to give you specific exercises for you and your horse. This not only will help you but will allow others in the class to see how that particular challenge was handled, offering them additional knowledge they can use in the future.
Are spectators allowed?
Clinics held in Mount Gilead, Ohio are closed to spectators. Those participating in the clinic are allowed to have one additional person with them during the clinic at no additional charge.
Is a stall included in the price?
Yes, a stall is included in the price of the clinic. They have rubber mats as well as hay racks and corner feeders (see photo).

 Is bedding for the stall included?


Yes, straw bedding is included or you may bring your own bedding. Stacy beds her horses in straw as it is generally less dusty, leaves less dust in their coats and studies have shown that horses lay down 20-30% more when bedded in straw,  AND, it’s loved by the local farmers as it is more beneficial to their fields. Whichever bedding you choose, please note that you are responsible for cleaning your stall. You do not need to strip the stall on the final day as we will do this for you.
Who feeds the horses?
You are responsible for bringing all feed and supplements for your horse. You should plan on caring for your horse just as you would be at a horse show, including feeding and cleaning the stall. We do, however, offer to give your horse their breakfast at approximately 7 a.m. if you leave the feed (hay/grain/supplements) measured out in front of your stall with written instructions. Some people find this helpful as the horses have more time to eat. There are hayracks in the stalls, and you may use them if you wish, but you DO NOT have to. They are there because Stacy likes to feed free-choice hay to her horses. Please note: If your horse is unaccustomed to using a hay rack and you wish to use it, please offer hay both in the rack as well as the corner feeder. Some horses do have a learning curve with the hayracks. Corner feeders are also in the stalls (see photo) and have concrete bottoms. You may feed both hay and grain in these or you may provide your own feed tub.
Will I be able to find the water hydrant? Do I bring my own water buckets/muck buckets/pitch forks?
Upon checking in you will be given a short tour of the barn and grounds. During this tour you will be shown where the water hydrants (all stalls are in reach of a hose), manure spreader, turnout pen, and restroom are located. Water buckets are available (they have been bleached) or you may bring your own. Pitch forks for both straw and shavings as well as muck buckets are also available or you may bring your own.
Is there a place to turn my horse out?
There is a turn out pen located just outside of the barn area. It is constructed of a wooden four-board fence with electrobraid electric fencing running along the inside as well as along the top of the gate to discourage chewing and pushing on the fence. Feel free to use the turnout as needed while also sharing with others.
Where do I stay?
Do you have RV hookups or are there local hotels? Events held in Mount Gilead, Ohio are held at Stacy’s personal farm and there are no hookups available on site. The Mount Gilead State park ( has hookups available and is approximately two and a half miles from Stacy’s farm. Dogwood Valley (   also has hookups and is approximately five-and-a-half miles away.
Local hotels include the ‘Best Western’ ( located seven miles away and the ‘Knights Inn’s’ ( located approximately six miles away.
The local Bed & Breakfast, The Roseheart Inn, ( is located approximately three miles away and is a popular choice. They offer a Westfall Horsemanship discount, making it comparable to the other local hotels in price.
How much riding will I do?
Safety and horsemanship are two of the many things you will be learning during your clinic. The structure of the clinic will include demonstrations by Stacy, groundwork and riding. This setup is to enhance both your learning and the soundness and performance of your horses. Sore horses don’t perform well and neither do sore riders! Generally the first two days of a clinic involve groundwork in the morning and riding in the afternoon. Days three and four can be more heavily weighted toward riding, if you choose and your horse is prepared. All riders and horses should be as fit as possible to maximize the clinic. The gauge we will use during the exercise will be your horse’s respiration (and maybe yours) as well as the learning process. We encourage you to know yourself and know your horse. All riders will be respected if they choose to dismount to rest themselves and their horses.
                                                                                                                   There will be no bareback and bridleless riding. All riding must be done with a saddle and a bridle. For those of you wishing to pursue bridleless riding, Stacy will explain and demonstrate how she trains her horses for bridleless riding without removing the bridle. And please note, all riding must be done during clinic hours and under supervision due to insurance issues.


When can I check in?                                                                            You may check in and move your horse in either the day of or the day before your scheduled clinic. Check-out may be done the final day or the morning following the end of your clinic. Please schedule your check-in time with the office at 419-946-4848 to ensure that someone will be there to meet you.


What equipment should I bring?
You should bring all the normal equipment you would use to prepare and maintain your horse. Feeds, riding equipment (English or Western is acceptable) liniments, etc. Stacy will be showing you some of her equipment and why she uses it, such as the rope halter, round rope lunge lines, stick and string, snaffle and shanked bits. You will have a chance to try out these items and we’ll have them available for purchase.
What if I get lost driving in? What if I need to ask a question after hours?
You will be given an after-hours contact number when you schedule your check-in time. Use this number to call with any questions during your travel or during the clinic after normal business hours.
Where will I park my horse trailer if I am not camping in it?
Trailer parking is available onsite. Many people prefer to keep their saddles, etc. in their trailer overnight. Spots for parking the trailers are close enough that this is easily done.
What are the barn hours?
Events in Mount Gilead are held at Stacy’s personal home. The barn hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  daily.
Can I ride the day before the clinic? Can I ride early or late?
No riding outside of clinic times is allowed. The purpose of the clinic is to receive training with your horse under supervision of Stacy. There is no need to warm your horse up before the clinic because it is built into the clinic. You may, however,  lead your horse around the arenas or take advantage of the turnout.